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Steve - Mobile Car Key Cutting
Car Key Cutting

Need a New Car Key?

Mobile Car Key Cutting & Programming

Cutting car keys is not the same as it used to be. For most vehicles now, it’s not just a matter of visiting a town centre shop for a new key from a standard blank.

That’s because since 1995, immobiliser systems have been fitted to all vehicles to prevent theft. Meaning your engine will only start if it recognises a code from a corresponding transponder chip built into the key. And since technology has moved on too, allowing us to open and lock our vehicles remotely, that’s another factor built into the cost of a new car key.

But a new key needn’t be too costly if you choose wisely. If your instinct is to go to a dealership of your car’s manufacturer, that’s definitely going to be expensive. And what if you’ve lost your only car key? There’s the factor of even getting your vehicle to the showroom along with the cost of doing so.

We can save all that hassle and expense. As a mobile car key cutter, we come to you!

And there’s no doubt we will beat the price of any main dealership, no matter who the manufacturer of your car is.

We have far lower overheads and as a smaller, independent auto locksmith we don’t have to add VAT onto our price either, something any dealership would definitely do. Even if they could match our price, your key would be 20% more expensive anyway.

But what’s the reason you need a replacement car key? You must know it’s always best to keep a spare or maybe you’ve lost a key. If you’ve just had a key stolen you might be worried about thieves stealing your car too. If that’s your circumstance, Steve as an ex-police officer is uniquely qualified to cut a new key, reprogram your car’s transponder and provide important advise.

Lost Car Key in the street

Lost Car Keys

If you’ve lost your key or had one stolen, you could lose your car as well. We can make a new key and reprogram your vehicle to forget the old and only work with its replacement. Protect your car and peace of mind.

Spare car keys hanging on a board

Spare Car Keys

Don’t risk only having a single key. Think of the inconvenience if you mislay it and if it was lost, making a new one from nothing is always more expensive. Get a spare key and save yourself that hassle and extra expense.

Broken car key needing repair

Car Key Repair

We can repair your broken car key whether the key blade has snapped, the buttons have stopped working or if the remote fob has cracked. We can also extract snapped keys from the ignition, door or boot locks. 

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